Official Reports


What the official reports say...

1. OFSTED June 2013:

Oldbury Wells School, Bridgnorth - a Good School

We know that everyone wants their child to go to a good school, and we are proud to announce, in every respect, Oldbury Wells is now officially a GOOD school.

Ofsted said we are, 'providing high quality education for all.' Praise indeed!

The Judgments:

Achievement = Good

Teaching = Good

Behaviour = Good

Leadership = Good

Overall Judgment = Good

Congratulations to our staff, students and Governors for their hard work and commitment over the years.

You can view the Ofsted site by following the link:, or our specific Ofsted information page on: oldburylink

2. OFSTED June 2007:

Oldbury Wells School, Bridgnorth - a Good School

Oldbury Wells had its second inspection of the year on 13th and 14th May 2007. The result was a very positive one with a great number of aspects of the school highlighted in a very positive way. The staff, students and governors were very pleased with the result.

Here are some of the things OFSTED said:

  • Oldbury wells is a good and improving school.
  • The purposeful atmosphere and good curriculum encourage students to work hard and ensure they enjoy their learning.
  • Improvements in standards and teaching are testimony to the very good leadership provided by the headteacher.

  • Leadership and management are good.

  • The curriculum offers a wide variety of courses that meet the needs of more able students well.

  • Students' good academic progress and personal development prepare them well for the future.

  • Students with learning difficulties and disabilities make good progress.

  • Students behave well.

  • Good careers guidance and a good variety of enrichment activities and visits enhance the formal curriculum.

If you would like to see a full version of the report then you can access it at:

3. Performance Tables

For previous examination results from the previous academic year with some interpretation it may be worth visiting the Department for Education and Skills website. This link takes you specifically to performance tables.




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