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Please note, if you would like to apply to our Sixth Form, you can download application forms for 2018 entry here.

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This is a convenient way to apply for entry using a desktop computer. Applying using your mobile phone is not recommended.

Our Sixth Form Strengths

Our Sixth Form is a thriving community built on firm foundations for success.

We offer students a relevant and high-prestige curriculum. First, we make sure that all of the important subjects needed for top university courses are in place. Second, we make sure that we have a wide range of exciting additional subjects. These also allow our less purely academic students to access relevant and reputable courses. This second range of courses is adjusted annually to meet the needs/interests of our students.

We take an individualised approach. We meet the needs of students by ensuring they are correctly placed on courses to maximise their successes. And this individualised approach runs through our Sixth Form systems: class sizes are small. With around 70 students in a year group we are able to meet individual needs and know every student very well.

As such, our students as individuals are very successful. We have the full range of ability in our Sixth Form - some students go on to Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities, whilst others successfully take up places on level 4 apprenticeships. In 2014 only two of our students accessed their second rather than their first choice university.

Leadership of Sixth Form is careful and professional. Behind the 'friendly and relaxed' atmosphere of the student common room is a careful systematic approach to tracking students as they progress through their studies. Sixth Form leaders help our students to develop their independence and ensure they have increased responsibility - they also act decisively to support students should the need arise.

Our students also have free on-site parking.

What Ofsted said...

Our Ofsted report 2013 recognised considerable strengths in our Sixth Form. We were particularly pleased that they found almost all teaching at Sixth Form 'Outstanding' with just one lesson at Sixth Form judged as 'Good'.

Ofsted wrote: "The Sixth Form is good. Students make good progress as a result of teaching that is sharply focused on individual needs and effectively develops independent learning skills."

In fact Ofsted wrote at some length in their report about the skills of Sixth Form teachers. They went on to say: "Teaching in Sixth Form is highly effective in ensuring students make good progress. Teachers make use of a range of teaching strategies, giving students many opportunities to work independently and in pairs and groups. Teachers question students thoroughly to ensure they understand topics in depth."

Our new Sixth Form prospectus for entry 2017 is available to view here.



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