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All Aboard the STEM Bus!


27 June 2017


On Friday 23rd June Oldbury Wells was treated to a visit by the RAF Cosford STEM Bus, a mobile classroom packed with a range of resources to stimulate students' interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and careers.

The bus is a partnership between RAF Cosford and Tablet Academy and provides students and communities in the Midlands access to exciting technology and learning activities such as computing, virtual reality, aeronautical engineering and robotics.

Our Year 7 students and Year 5 pupils from St Leonard's Primary School taking part in our science fiction themed summer transition programme, boarded the bus and participated in hands-on activities using a range of technology equipment – 3D printers, tablet computers, robots, interactive touch panels and more. The students learnt code using Micro:bit, a pocket sized programmable computer designed by the BBC, to build a sonic screwdriver that plays sounds and turns on LEDs at the touch of a button. They built paper rockets and launched them across our school grounds with compressed air (with several reaching a fair distance!) and they also explored our extended galaxy using virtual reality headsets, igniting their imagination as they soared past planets in our solar system with some meeting astronaut Tim Peake along the way.

Oldbury Wells' Head of Science, Mr Swann-Horler said, "It was great to see pupils (and several staff) getting so much enjoyment from science. The rockets were superb and our caretakers will certainly be busy retrieving several of them from the roof of the school! The coding task using the BBC Micro:bit was also great fun – we could have filled the bus ten times over with pupils wanting to try it out from Year 5 all the way to Year 13!".

To view a slideshow of the STEM Bus visit, please click here. To learn more about our summer transition programme, please click here.

Year 5 pupils from St Leonard's Primary School
enjoying the STEM Bus activities

Year 7 student Emma Briggs learning code 
using Micro:bit on board the STEM Bus

Year 7 students preparing to launch their rockets


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